Sportsability - The Health Benefits of Swimming

Mon 12th October 2020
Sportability 2

Water based activities are a fabulous and fun activity and do have some amazing health benefits for adults and children alike. We don’t have to be swimming to reap the health benefits either.

By simply walking in the water we are working our bodies much harder. The water acts as a resistance but unlike resistance machines in a gym environment where a single muscle or a small number of muscles are being activated, water based activities provide a workout for the whole body including the heart.

Effectively we are targeting all our muscles whether that be in the internal organs (or heart and lungs) or the muscles attached to our skeletal system. By moving more with resistance we are increasing our balance and our bones strength. We are equally developing muscle mass which lowers our blood glucose levels.

Finally the best benefit has to be the release of endorphins which improves our mood. Find health and happiness in the water.

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Just Beverley