Salt on the Road!

Mon 26th June 2023
Salt On The Road

Salt Revive, the salt therapy health centre in Beverley, opened in 2018 after co-founder Clare dramatically improved her own lung health using salt therapy.

Specialising in helping adults and children suffering from respiratory and skin conditions, they have gone from strength to strength and were even recently awarded ‘Best Salt Therapy Provider in the UK’ by Global Health & Pharma!

They have just announced that they can now bring the 100% natural, immune boosting treatment to you.

Just before Covid they had a number of visitors from local care homes visit them and all their feedback was ‘We love salt therapy and have really felt the benefits of it, but with the issue of travel and getting to you and having to take carers out of the home, it’s difficult. We wish you could come to us".

So after many trials and tests, they have managed to replicate their high standard of treatment and can now bring salt therapy to you. They have run sessions and received great feedback from care home residents, so if you know someone in a care home who might benefit from this, or would like to book a private group session, get in touch.

Salt Revive - 01482 679453.

85 Mill Lane, Beverley,

HU17 9DH. 

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