Are you ready for the Beverley Wetland Leisure Park?

Mon 1st April 2024
Palns For Beverley Westwood Leisure Park Wetland

Over the Autumn and Winter most people have enjoyed a walk around the Westwood or Wetwood as it has been nicknamed.

The almost continuous flow of water adds a new dimension to the area. More people have been attracted to the area on York Road, taking in the beauty of the natural lake. We can now reveal that plans are going ahead to make the most of these natural features.

All parties concerned are in consultation to make the most of the attraction to benefit The Westwood, Beverley and the local residents - "Beverley Wetland Leisure Park".

Imagine... on York Road as you start to enter Beverley, seeing a boating lake nestled at the foot of the Westwood, within a leisure park, a gem that enriches communities in a myriad of ways. Beyond its aesthetic allure, it serves as a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Families can gather for picnics while children delight in the joy of feeding ducks or sailing model boats. The rhythmic strokes of oars and the laughter of friends echoing across the water create a tapestry of shared memories.

Local community groups could gather for morning yoga sessions to evening strolls, with the park surrounding the lake providing a serene backdrop for exercise and contemplation. Economically, it attracts tourists, bolstering local businesses and employment opportunities. Ultimately, a boating lake isn't just a body of water; it's a nucleus of community cohesion, leisure, and natural beauty.

As we enter April just think about having fun and fooling around, the benefits Beverley Wetland Leisure Park could add to the community. Are you hooked?

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