Last chance to vote for mindfulness meditation videos at Beverley Art Gallery

Wed 21st July 2021

Encouraging wellbeing is one of the main goals of the team at Beverley Art Gallery, especially in these challenging times of change and uncertainty. The team are dedicated to using art to promote wellbeing and good mental health for the gallery’s visitors.

Last year, the gallery worked with mindfulness instructor Sally Edward from and together they produced five mindfulness videos based on paintings from the gallery's permanent collection. During this year's Wellbeing and Creativity Week, the gallery announced that more videos would be made soon.

Over the past months, the team have been encouraging the public to get involved in choosing the artwork for the meditations. The gallery’s social media channels have released images of two paintings each week and invited the public to vote for their favourite - the painting with the most votes will be used for the next mindfulness meditation video. 

Now the team are giving the public one last chance to have a say in the selection process. Next week - from 26 July - the gallery’s social media channels will post all of the artworks again, giving the public one more week to cast their votes! Once the votes are counted, the team and Sally Edward will work on transforming the most popular artworks into video meditations, which will be posted on Youtube.

Beverley Art Gallery curator Helena Cox said: "I am delighted that we will get to work with Sally again and produce more mindful videos. Mindfulness is a scientifically proven way of reducing stress and expanding one's wellbeing, and here at the gallery we are very keen to use our beautiful art collection to foster the wellbeing of our visitors and East Riding residents. The videos can be used online, so they are available to everyone, even those who cannot visit the gallery in person.

“I am excited to invite the public to participate in our social media campaign and to vote for their preferred paintings. We are making the videos for the public, so it is only natural that it should be the public who choose the artwork that will feature in the videos. I very much hope that the videos will encourage our visitors to both explore our collection and use the artwork to relax, unwind and recharge when using our calming meditation through art."

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Check out the videos already produced by the gallery:


Photo :-  An example of one of the social media posts encouraging people to vote.

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