Free Artist Talks at Beverley Guildhall and Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Mon 26th July 2021
East Riding Visual Arts Uplift Free Artist Talks At Beverley Guildhall And Sewerby Hall And Gardens

The East Riding Visual Arts Uplift is proud to announce two free talks by commissioned artists, Ian Kirkpatrick and Juliette Losq.

Following a hugely successful open call to artists, both nationally and internationally, the Visual Arts Uplift commissioned two artworks, 'Beverlac' by artist Ian Kirkpatrick, currently on display in Beverley Guildhall, and 'Umbraculum' by artist Juliette Losq, being exhibited at Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

Juliette is a British award winning contemporary artist currently based in London, UK. Her work seeks to explore how we interact with the natural world; experimenting with complexity and scale. Internationally recognised, her work can be found in leading collections including the Saatchi Collection, All Visual Arts London Collection, Newnham College Cambridge Collection, and Newhall Women's Art Collection.

Juliette’s talk, taking place on Friday, 20 August 2021 at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, will take a look at Juliette’s background as an internationally recognised artist, discussing her influences both technical and thematic that run through her work.

Ian is a Canadian contemporary artist currently based in London, UK. His work is inspired by the history of art and design, from ancient cave paintings and Greek amphorae, to graffiti and computer graphics. The hieroglyphic surfaces of his 2D and sculptural pieces remix iconographies from the past and present, often in response to current political and social themes.

Ian’s talk is scheduled for Friday, 17 September at Beverley Guildhall, exploring Ian’s background as an artist, past pieces and how working as a graphic designer at archaeological sites in Egypt and Turkey have influenced his artistic style.

These events are free of charge but booking is essential, and general admission fees apply to Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

Both commissions are part of the East Riding Visual Arts Uplift’s commitment to strengthening the cultural landscape and integrating more contemporary art into the region. 

Booking info

Ian Kirkpatrick: 17 September, Beverley Guildhall - Book tickets here.

Juliette Losq: 20 August, Sewerby Hall and Gardens - Book tickets here.

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