Event Cinema at Parkway presents Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Wed 15th January 2020
Nwnd Poster

On Monday 13th January, Parkway Cinema showed ‘Neither Wolf Nor Dog’, a Native American themed film by Director Steven Lewis Simpson. As part of their Event Cinema programme, Parkway showcase a variety performances from ballets and opera to musical and film, and there were only two showings of Neither Wolf Nor Dog. 

Based on the novel of the same name, Neither Wolf Nor Dog tells the story of Kent, a writer who drives a great distance from his home to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at the request of Dan an elder of the Lakota people. After a difficult start a deep relationship starts to build. Neither Wolf Nor Dog is an extremely moving and informative film, the depth of which creeps up on you. 

Thanks to both Parkway Cinema, Beverley and Director Stephen Lewis Simpson and his team for bringing Neither Wolf Nor Dog as well as other Event Cinema performances to the big screen in Beverley.  

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