Council offers advice on buying a puppy or kitten this Christmas

Tue 19th December 2023
Council Offers Advice On Buying A Puppy Or Kitten This Christmas

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s licensing team is reminding residents to take extra care when deciding to buy a puppy or kitten for Christmas.

Pets are a long-term commitment and residents are being urged to ensure that they are ready for this additional responsibility before they start looking.

The council’s message is that it’s important to do research to ensure that residents know their new pet has come from a responsible seller. The council’s Licensing Team are urging residents who are looking to buy a pet this Christmas to think carefully about how to avoid unscrupulous sellers who may be seeking to take advantage of buyers, or to consider re-homing a rescue dog or cat which needs a loving home and a new chance to be part of a family and home environment. 

Residents are advised to remember S.P.O.T :

Seller- put the seller’s name and details including phone number into a search engine. Avoid those that are showing multiple adverts.

Parent- make sure you see the puppies and kittens in their home with their mother. Do not arrange to meet the seller at another location

Old enough- check puppies and kittens are at least eight weeks old before taking them home.

Treatment- ask to see the animal’s health records and avoid sellers who can’t provide them - these should include vaccination certificates, worming and flea treatments. If buying a pedigree puppy, obtain proof of this from the seller by getting a copy of their registration certificate and always get a receipt of sale.

By law, all business premises must hold a licence to sell kittens and puppies, including from residential properties. Residents who are looking to buy a pet are asked to consider visiting the council’s website for additional information, or alternatively should ask for proof of a licence when visiting the premises - pet sales licensees or approved breeders will be happy to do this.

A public register of those business licensed to sell animals as pets including cats and kittens can be found on the council’s website at licences/animals/pet-sales-licences/

Those who have any concerns over a breeder should walk away and not feel pressured into buying.

Those with concerns relating to dog breeding or pet selling activities taking place should contact the licensing team by emailing the council at

For additional information on safely buying a healthy pet this Christmas, visit the Petfishing website at

Councillor Leo Hammond, Cabinet member for planning, communities and public protection, said : “Our licensing team are here to help anybody with any concerns, and there is plenty of information online. It is a big decision to buy a new pet, whether for Christmas or at any other time, and I would urge residents to take advantage of the help and advice available.”

Just Beverley