Beverley Puppet Festival 25th May: LEATHERBACK TURTLE PUPPET

Fri 22nd May 2020
Beverley Puppet Festival Leatherback Turtle Puppet

We'll be heading into the second week of the newly digital Beverley Puppet Festival this week, starting with LEATHERBACK TURTLE PUPPET with Circo Rum Ba Ba (of Faversham / London)!

Join Circo Rum Ba Ba who will help you build a Leatherback Turtle puppet, the star of their show “Plastic Ocean”. They will guide you through each step, so that when you finish, you'll have a realistic and stunning puppet! The puppet is worn on the back of the hand with moving head and front fins to swim effortlessly through your home performances.

Don't forget to share your puppets with us! You can sign up to the Beverley Puppet Festival here.

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