Celebrating Yorkshire Day in a unique way.

Tue 1st August 2023
Yorkshire Day Train Passengers Are Off Seen Off By The Town Crier

In 1975 the first Yorkshire Day was first held in Beverley. 1st August is a date which holds historical significance, being the day the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 was introduced.

In 2022, by public vote, Local Yorkshire politician, William Wilberforce, who campaigned for the Act has his name on the side of one of Hull Trains Paragon Fleet.

The William Wilberforce train is celebrating its 700th journey on the 07:53 service from Beverley on Yorkshire Day.

To celebrate the occasion, the Town Crier for East Riding and Yorkshire, Michael Wood, waved everyone on their way as the train left Beverley Train Station.

The celebrations will continue throughout the journey and throughout the day where customers will be treated to a whole host of refreshments made here in Yorkshire.

Michael Wood, Town Crier, said: “Beverley was the birthplace of Yorkshire Day and quite rightly it should be celebrated as such"

Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director at Hull Trains, said: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Yorkshire Day celebrations. We’re proud of our links to the local region and this annual event is the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything that is great about the place we call home! What better way to kick off the day’s celebrations than sending off our William Wilberforce service with the iconic cry of a Town Crier. We’re equally proud to be serving a range of Yorkshire items onboard, having served Yorkshire Tea on our trains for many years. Yorkshire Parkin will be completed by Henderson’s Relish ‘Hendos’ potato crisps, a ‘strong and northern’ delight heralding from Sheffield which is becoming an increasingly popular market for Hull Trains users with an easy change to/from our services at Doncaster.

We look forward to treating our customers to a great Yorkshire Day celebration!”.


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