Thursday night is The Ferguson Fawsitt Gin night - keeping with Tradition and adding a little extra!!

Mon 31st October 2022
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Allen Slinger at the Ferguson Fawsitt has always been one for pushing boundaries whilst maintaining a local connection, supporting local business and community. Thursday Night Allen launches the Ferguson Fawsitt Gin.
Thursday 3rd November is a date for the diary. From 7pm onwards it is your opportunity to allow your taste buds to go to unexplored places, or perhaps revisit places from days gone bye and reacquaint them with flavours in a new way. The Ferguson Fawsitt will be launching their range of gins, perhaps try a gin in a way you have not tried a gin previously, with a range of gins, tonics and other alternatives to explore. 
Allen set his sights on the Fergie being the place to go to try new things, a traditional pub with a look to the future and forging partnerships with local businesses. Allen introduced himself to Jane Howes, a 4th generation Walkington lady and local gin producer just a few hundred yards away from the Ferguson Fawsitt. 
Jane started her business in 2019 from her house in Walkington, Jane explained "Being a traditional Gin drinker and having time on her hands, she wanted to keep herself busy whilst exploring a passion of hers which was drinking Gin."
Setting up a still at home with all the licences in place, and fulfilling all the legal requirements, Jane soon realised that after each run even she was unable to drink 12 to 16 litres of gin, so her micro business was born. Jane wanted her brand to represent her tradition and her desire was to deliver a traditional brand.

She uncovered how important the Black Mill was in her family, from her grandfather returning to the area after the war and recognised he was nearly home on viewing the Black Mill, along with her father referring to the Black Mill as his resting place!. It's well worth asking Jane about that story, it's not what you may think. And so Black Mill Gin was born. 
On Thursday 3rd November from 7pm the six gins will be available to sample.
• Traditional Gin
• Raspberry and Watermelon - (Pink and Fruity)
• Blood Orange (Fresh not sweet)
• Lemon (Sharp Lemon)
• Elderflower
• Passionfruit and Mango
Allen mentioned, "A number of people have tried gin with a tonic and have been put off and gone no further. But we ask people to come and try our selection of gin's either on their own, or try them with a tonic from the London Essence
Tonic Tower with a variety of flavours to try. There are Indian Tonic, Elderflower, Cucumber, Rhubarb and Grapefruit or maybe just with a Lemonade, they will genuinely be surprised and refreshed"
Allen welcomes everyone to pop in to the Ferguson Fawsitt after 7pm on Thursday 3rd November to sample a gin the Fergie way.
Telephone: 01482 526317

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