The Hungry Tide 30th Anniversary Event

Tue 3rd October 2023
The Hungry Tide 30th Anniversary Event

Best-selling author Val Wood, is excited to announce a significant milestone in her writing career – the 30th anniversary of her debut novel, "The Hungry Tide." To celebrate, Val warmly invites her dedicated readers and friends to join her at Waterstones, Jameson Street, Hull, on 12th October, beginning at 15:00.

Originally published in 1993, "The Hungry Tide" reached readers worldwide with its captivating storytelling, well-drawn characters, and vivid portrayal of Hull's maritime history. Three decades on, Val continues to write full-time, and the Catherine Cookson prize-winning novel is making a return in a special anniversary edition, complete with exclusive extras that will allow fans to dive even deeper into the world Val Wood has crafted.

During the event, there will be a book signing where readers can meet the author and have their copies of "The Hungry Tide" personally signed. Val will also be available for an intimate Q&A session with readers. Exclusive prizes and giveaways will add to the festivities.

Devoting her life to her craft, Val Wood has earned a special place in the hearts of over 3 million readers, with "The Hungry Tide" remaining a cherished favourite among her works. This anniversary gathering promises to be a fitting celebration of her literary journey.

Chris Heale, Assistant Manager of Waterstones, Hull says, “It’s always a pleasure to welcome Val into our shop as well as the army of loyal readers who regularly turn out in support. Our customers have made Val our bestselling author of all time here in Hull; something we are extremely proud of.

“Annually we host the launches of Val’s new titles, so it is a real honour to go back to where her career began with the re-launch of her award-winning debut.”

Val has released a further 28 bestselling novels as well as an exclusive e-book and a novella. Various stories have been published in national magazines and she even released a cook-book. As a means of encouraging other creatives to put pen to paper, the Val Wood Prize, a creative writing competition, now in its tenth year, continues to attract entries from all over the world. 

Val says, ”I’m truly amazed that three decades have passed since I embarked on my career; it feels like just yesterday. Nonetheless, during this time, I've been fortunate to accomplish quite a bit. I've had the privilege of releasing a new novel almost every year, and my readers have shown incredible support at the launch events. This year, it's not just about a book signing, and that's why I'd like to extend an invitation to all my readers to join me in celebrating this milestone together.

“The event will start at 15:00 and we have special guests also in attendance, prizes up for grabs and a few extras to be revealed on the day. Whether readers want to drop-in for their book signed or want to stay for the duration, they will be more than welcome. The event is free of charge and open to all who wish to join me. I am very excited about the day as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate an occasion that, 30 years ago, I could never have imagined.”

Date: October 12, 2023

Time: 15:00

Location: Waterstones, Jameson Street, Hull

Photo Credit Caty Wood

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