Tue 17th September 2019
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With online shopping here to stay, customer experience and individuality is the future for the UK’s High Street.

What made the High Street a thriving and integral part of daily UK life in the second half of the 20th century was its specifc evolution from the collective market place and gather of small, local, independent businesses that specifically served the community that it was settled within.

When we look at this in the comparitive context to the modern high street it is of little wonder that the offering of monolithic and generic multinational stores means that the once great UK High Street has lost its local appeal. The specific individuality that made it great now feels like a lost memory.

This loss of identity combined with ever increasing rents and a subsequent move to the more convenient online arena means that the UK High Street is choked by its own development. The big question nowadays is ... How can we save the UK High Street?

Fundamentally, a return to traditional retail values on the High Street has the biggest change to save this quintessentially British institution.

These values are:

* An Innovative Customer Experience

* Distinct & Unique Retail Offerings

* A One-of-a-Kind Offline Experience

* A Feeling and Sense of Community

In Beverley alone there are dozens of unique, interesting, engaging and innovative Independents that can provide you with a retail experience and product line that you simply cant find anywhere else on the High Street.

These independents provide a range of excellent products such as Art, Fashion, Furniture, Jewellery, Homeware, Crafts, Vintage & PreLoved items. The list is endless.

It is hard to imagine a future without our thriving UK High Streets. However, we have a long way to go before they can return to their former glory. We do however wholeheartedly believe that there will always be a place for the creative, independent retailer and as long as the community can get behind them then the High Street can thrive once more.

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