History meets Mystery - Beverley Ghost Walk

Mon 30th October 2023
The Darker Side Of Beverley With The Beverley Ghost Adventure

Join Dr Smalls (The Beverley Ghost Adventure) for an evening of ghostly tales and history.

Beverley is one of the most beautiful towns in all of England. People visit Beverley from far and wide to learn about the rich and complex history of the town with shadows cast by events both intriguing and unsettling.

The town's medieval past includes the awe-inspiring Beverley Minster, yet beneath its charming exterior, whispers of darker tales persist. From medieval conflicts to the notorious Beverley Witch Trials in the 17th century, where alleged witches faced persecution, the town harbors echoes of a tumultuous past.

Navigating through centuries, Beverley's history reveals a tapestry of both light and shadows, weaving a compelling narrative of triumphs and trials some truly spooky and grisly tales.

You now have the opportunity to learn more on a "History Meets Mystery Walking Tour" through the towns historical streets and sites bringing these stories of ghostly goings on to life!

Dr Smalls, your eccentric ghost hunting guide for the evening. Dressed in his frock coat, top hat and with his gladstone bag is looking forward to making your acquaintance!

A History Meets Mystery Walking Tour lasts for between 1.5 - 2 hours.

With professional storytelling and engaging performance it will be an experience you'll never forget, entertainment for adults and children alike. Who knows while it is not guaranteed to see a ghost, you may well be fortunate enough to experience the spirit of one. !!

Book NOW to secure your place on the tour on Monday 20th November 7.30pm.

The meeting point is Toll Gavel (central Beverley) outside the Mountain Warehouse shop.

Price: £10 per ticket


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