St Nicholas School enjoy a smoothie ride

Fri 4th March 2022
St Nichs Smoothy 9 Medium Jpg

St Nicholas School welcomed the smoothie bike into school today.

Christian Jordan from ERYC is encouraging people to get involved with a healthier lifestyle by cycling or walking to school rather than in the car, and to start the day with a healthy smoothie.

Mr Horsley, Assistant Head Teacher of St Nicholas School, demonstrated to the children how easy it is to make a delicious smoothie, and how the bike was adapted so that the power from the smoothie cycle drove the smoothie maker. 

After just a few minutes of exercise, delicious smoothies were being enjoyed by the children and staff at St Nicholas School.

As part of your 5-a-day, why not make up and share smoothies? As we move towards spring and summer, try to adopt a healthier lifestyle and cycle to school.

Just Beverley