Skidby Mill volunteers need material to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the mill - can you help?

Mon 18th January 2021
Skidby Mill Postcard 1 3

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s museums team are looking for photographs, documents and stories ahead of a special exhibition commemorating the 200th anniversary of Skidby Mill later this year.

Said Dr. David Marchant, museums registrar with the council:  “Our volunteer team are currently hard at work researching events both local, national and international that took place in or around 1821, the year that Skidby Mill was first constructed. The main focus of the display, however, is to look at some of the events in the mill’s history over the past 200 years and to tell the stories of some of the people who worked there. To that end, we’d like to find more photographs, newspaper clippings, artefacts or just stories about relatives that relate to the mill.

“Our last exhibition sadly had to be virtual only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mill is currently closed to the public under government restrictions. However, we are very much hoping we can open this display to the public in May. Otherwise, we will put the display on our website initially and open physically at a later date.

“Due to current restrictions on visiting sites, material needs to come to us by post or digitally at present. Whilst we are happy to receive donations, if people would prefer to loan items then we can copy photographs/documents and return them in the post.”

The display is due to open in the first week in May and will last for 12 months.

Dr.David Marchant can be contacted on 01482 842889 or by email at

Just Beverley