Tue 5th March 2019

More than nine out of ten Year 6 children in the East Riding have been awarded places for the school named by parents as their first choice in the 2019/20 secondary school admissions round.  

Letters to parents, informing them of the outcome of their applications for secondary school places in September 2019, have been sent out on Friday 1st March.  This is known as ‘National Offer Day’ and is the date that all local authorities in England have to send the letters out to parents.

In the 2019/20 annual application round East Riding of Yorkshire Council received 3,337 applications made by East Riding resident parents of pupils due to start at a secondary school in September 2019. Of these 3,142 (94%) have been allocated a place at their first choice school. East Riding Admissions team are delighted to announce that 3,260 (98%) parents and their children have been offered places at one of the three schools named as their first, second and third preferences.

A significant amount of work was completed in trying to ensure places were awarded to meet one of the first three preferences parents named on their application. Despite this, there were 77 children for whom the council were unable to allocate a place at any of the first three schools named by their parents.  Sixty children have been allocated places at their catchment area school and 17 at the nearest East Riding school with a place available.

As in previous years, the majority of children (95%), living in the East Riding will be able to attend a school in the East Riding, with 84% attending a school within their catchment area.

366 children living in other local authority areas have been allocated places at schools in the East Riding, with the largest number (252) coming from Hull.

170 East Riding resident children have been allocated places at schools in other local authority areas, including 80 who have been allocated places at schools in Hull. 

Nine of the 18 East Riding secondary schools have filled all their available places; Beverley Grammar School; Beverley High School; Bridlington School; Cottingham High School; Hessle High School; The Snaith School; South Hunsley School; Woldgate School and Wolfreton School.

The Year 7 group starting at East Riding secondary schools in September 2019, at nearly 3,500 children, will be the largest year group seen since September 2010.

Councillor Julie Abraham, East Riding of Yorkshire Council portfolio holder for children, young people and education, said:  “Parents have clearly shown that they want their children to go to their local school and to be a part of their local community.  Despite there being more children needing places this year, it is pleasing to see so many parents being allocated the place of their choice.”  

Deborah Myers, the council’s head of children and young people, education and schools, said: “The schools in the East Riding achieve and maintain good standards of education which parents really value and appreciate.” 

Just Beverley