Rosie sets down her roots!!

Mon 11th December 2023
Rosie Sets Down Her Roots

At this time of the year, we enjoy the changes in colour and admire the trees, wondering what stories they would pass on if only they could!!

Whilst walking on Beverley Westwood five years ago with her parents, Rosie, aged 5 picked up a small acorn, asked "What is this mummy?"

Mum replied, "it is an acorn. See the tree over there, hundreds of years ago, it started as a small seed just like this".

Before Mum had finished her sentence, Rosie had picked up some more acorns and said to her mum, "Great, I am going to grow a tree".

Rosie took her little acorn seed home and went about the job of "Growing an Oak Tree".

Mum said to Rosie, "Cultivating an oak tree from a humble acorn seed is a long journey, it will take years and years for the delicate seed to germinate, then establish roots, patience is a virtue as the acorn transforms into a resilient sapling". Rosie replied, "Yes, I want to grow a tree".

Rosie enjoyed the journey, and as the tree went through the growing process, she carefully transferred from one pot to another, then onto a bigger pot until, such was the time it was too big for the garden and needed a more secure place to establish itself, amongst other trees and for everyone to enjoy and watch its growth. Rosie's gift to the environment.

Rachael (Rosie's mum), contacted Beverley Civic Society having learned that only last year in celebration of St John, 1300 trees were planted in Beverley, quite a number of them around the Archery Field.

Sue from the Civic Society said, "Rosie is amazing, the timing is great as we unfortunately lost a couple of trees and we know the ideal place we could locate it".

Rosie Ryan from the Civic Society said, "Rosie who is now only 10 years old, will be able to watch the oak tree (Archie Rose) grow to become part of the landscape throughout her lifetime, and enjoyed by generations to come".

As seasons change, the oak grows, providing habitat for diverse wildlife and fostering a sense of connection with the natural world. Ultimately, the process is a reminder of the enduring cycles of life and the profound impact individuals can have in nurturing the environment.

Why not follow Rosie’s example and grow some trees? Autumn is the ideal time of year to collect acorns, nuts, berries and other tree seeds. Sow in pots and nurture until they are large enough to be planted out to become trees for future generations.

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