Roses of Beverley - From me to you!

Tue 16th May 2023
Roses Of Beverley From Me To You

Way back in 2000 in response to a cry of "Help", Ken Rose setup Roses of Beverley with a specific aim to focus on exceptional customer service in delivering bespoke kitchens to customers in East Yorkshire.

Over the past 23 years the business has continued to grow with modern showroom design, exhibitions and installations, followed up with unprecedented after-care and an exceptionally high standard of service.

It can be said whatever the problem, Roses answer will be "We Can Work It Out".

So what's next? Roses go to great lengths to maintain their customer satisfaction and high standards.

From me to you, Roses of Beverley Doing things right makes everyone happy and at Roses the preinstallation area, an area where kitchens are assembled prior to being delivered to the customer, is going through a change.

Roses are looking to deliver the same experience in their factory as you would have in your home, so when customers say "Please, Please Me", Roses can do the pre installation and post installation to an excellent standard.

Roses’ new business has mainly been through customer recommendations and repeat business from clients who have moved house. Roses are now up to something new, so with the usual excellent showroom, expanded pre-installation and site fit-out, Roses project management will grow.

Watch this space to see what Roses will be doing next and remember when you visit Roses you will leave saying "Got To Get You Into My Life" and enjoy the experience of having a Roses Kitchen.

Telephone: 01482 869111. 

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