Riding Out - Wednesday 30th March at ert

Fri 25th March 2022
Simon Parker

Coming to ert in Beverley is Simon Parker the award-winning travel writer and broadcaster.

Simon has reported from all parts of the world working for the BBC, The Telegraph and Amazon Prime.

Having travelled to all corners of Britain, including Shetland, Scilly, the Highlands, Cumbria and the North York Moors to learn how people have manged during the pandemic and how it had impacted on people from all backgrounds.

Simon presents a great portrayal of Britain, with unique stories from people from such varied backgrounds, farmers, fishermen, artists and musicians. 

You will be given a great insight how Simon dealt with his own struggles with anxiety, bereavement and mental health in this multimedia presentation of short films, photos, audio clips and anecdotes he talks about cycling 3,427 miles around ‘Pandemic Britain’ during 2020 and 2021.

 The talk will be followed by a Q&A and his new book, Riding Out, will be available to purchase.

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