Rest Up... The Clocks Are Going Back

Fri 28th October 2022
Clock 2

Well the weather just got colder and the nights are pulling in, which means the end of British Summer Time for this year. There is one perk though - at least we get an extra hour in bed.

The clocks go back which means the UK will be on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This year the clocks go back one day before Halloween on October 30.

The clocks are moved backwards and forward an hour each year so we can make ultimate use of the best natural light while the earth orbits the sun. Controlling daylight hours during the working day was also brought in to save use of energy.

The time will automatically change on devices such as smartphones and laptops, but clocks on ovens, cars, wall clocks and watches will need changing manually.

The simple pleasure of an extra hour in bed will come at a cost, however, with nights getting darker even earlier and more quickly. Before we know it it will be time for the C-word… Christmas! 

Just Beverley