Reduce, reuse, recycle and refill!

Thu 7th May 2020
Refill Jar Reduce Reuse Recycle And Refill

The Refill Jar, Beverley’s first dedicated eco-store, is going from strength to strength despite the lockdown measures and social distancing still in place.

Selling food, environmentally-friendly toiletries and household products in such a way that means packaging is almost eliminated and at affordable prices, The Refill Jar is ensuring families can still get access to food and other household essentials.

By reducing packaging on new items, and considering the contents of the products we use, we can decrease our carbon footprint, and The Refill Jar is at the heart of this discussion. The no-waste business is family-run and at the helm are Claire  Louise Rayner and Jamie Newson-Smith supported by their children Ethan, Poppy, Isaac, Caleb and baby Alice.

They are currently open 7 days a week with new environmentally friendly stock arriving daily. Throughout the pandemic, The Refill Jar is growing more and more popular, and product deliveries have taken them as far as Driffield, Hornsea, Brough and North and South Cave.

At the current time, customers are not able to enter the shop due to social distancing, but they will take your orders at the table at the door and bring your goods out to you, so you can still do your shopping in an eco-friendly way.

The wide range of food items on offer includes grains, pasta, cereals, nuts, dried fruit, tea, coffee, and herbs and spices. Washing up liquid and detergents, and other key toiletries such as toothbrushes, soap and shampoo bars are also available. Click & Collect deliveries can be placed at

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