Recipe for Shove Tuesday

Tue 1st March 2022
Crepe 2

Fancy trying something slightly different for Pancake Day.

Thierry sent through this recipe to try.

Just Beverley decided to try the recipe, easy to make, little mess and when cooked right tasted delicious.

Can you spot the difference between a Crepe and a Pancake?  


Crepe recipe - makes around 12 crepes.
• 140gm Plain flour
• 200ml milk
• 2 eggs
• Oil or butter to fry
Sift flour into a bowl, then slowly whisk in milk and eggs to make a smooth batter.
Leave to rest for 30 minutes.
Heat a little oil or butter in your frying pan, when pan is hot add a ladle full or 2/3 tbsp. of the batter to your pan, turning so the
batter thinly covers the bottom of the pan.
Leave to cook for 30/45 seconds, then flip the crepe with a palette knife or other wide utensil and cook for another 30 seconds.

You can then slide the crepe / pancake onto a plate and continue with these steps until all of the mixture has been used. You should be able to make a stack of roughly 12 crepes.
You can then choose to fill with whatever you like!
TC Patisserie love filled savoury crepes, bechamel sauce, with ham and mushroom or simply sprinkle with sugar.

Just Beverley