Positive mind to help your health.

Wed 3rd February 2021
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Today is Thursday 4th February, is World Cancer Day. Many people have experience of cancer, either through their own ill health or through that of a friend or loved one.

After having fought my own battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I can fully understand the experiences of others. It was my own encounter with cancer that has led me to where I am today; a qualified mindfulness coach and hypnotherapist.

Alongside the fabulous care and treatment I received from the NHS, I used full body relaxation and mindfulness techniques to aid my own recovery, and did my utmost to maintain a positive outlook. I was able to manage my own emotional wellbeing, and I benefitted from it hugely.

When it comes to looking on the bright side of life, small actions can make a big difference. Taking a walk, giving yourself a little time out, and finding the good things in our lives all help. In fact, the benefits of being grateful for the things we do have extends far beyond our mental outlook, but also serves our physical health1. Likewise, our emotional wellbeing has an important impact on our immune system2, 3, so keeping mentally healthy is important, not because we want to be seen as being eternally optimistic, but because it can benefit our physical health. 

Calling a friend or checking in on your neighbour is therefore a great thing to do; in fact you may be doing your friend (or your neighbour!) more good than you think! And if you do need help, tell someone, whether it’s family, a friend or a professional.

For more information on World Cancer Day visit: https://www.worldcancerday.org.

Contact Fran Dunning on 07973 819867 if you feel mindfulness could benefit you, or visit: https://www.francesdunning.com to find out more about what I do.

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