Pole Dancing - a New Way to gain strength and fitness

Wed 2nd May 2018
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India Alton’s work-outs at Indigo using a pole are fun and addictive! They improve core fitness and stability, motor skills and memory week by week. The ultimate aim is to be able to climb the pole, do tricks, spins and routines and perhaps even win competitions. It’s great exercise for both sexes and all ages. Are you intrigued? Read on!

India got into pole fitness because she was bored of the gym. The aerobics and step-aerobics fads seem to have had their day and nothing else around kept her inspired and motivated, whereas the endorphin rush and feeling of achievement when using a pole to work out can be amazing. Most of India’s clientele are between the ages of 20 and 55. 

 Classes in her own studio off Riverview Road, Beverley, are for a maximum of 8 people and run hourly from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8-9pm on Wednesday. She has a kid’s class on Tuesdays 4.15pm-5pm and she’s considering a class for the 45+ age-group. She is available for private lessons and tuition and is also thinking of running flexibility classes without using the poles.

India doesn’t have a particular type of client. She has a Mum and daughter go to her for private lessons to learn (pole) routines to their favourite pieces of music and get some fun, quality time together. Many of her clients say it is their ‘me time’ as they feel as if they are achieving something just for them. India says: “Most of my clients come on their own but then make friends so there is now an Indigo Facebook group just for members - Indigo is turning into a little community!”

India has won several competitions, including the Performance Professional category at the Yorkshire Pole Championships, which are held at Hull University. She has qualified again for the final this year - along with 2 of her students who are in the Beginners category. The competitions are marked in a similar fashion to ice dance with musicality, level of difficulty, flow of movement etc. scores to give an overall score. At the moment, India is continuing with her ‘day’ job as a Technical Operator for BBC Look North. However, as Pole Fitness becomes more popular and as India wins more competitions and becomes more famous as a local athlete, whoknows? She is establishing her brand already with a clothing range and her Pole Parties, especially parties for Hen Nights, are becoming very popular. Remember to take your camera if you book one!

If you fancy having a go at Pole Dance and Fitness, you can find more details on www.indigofit.co.uk. You can call India on 07887 870000 or email her on india@indigofit.co.uk

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