Paul Thomas releases new novel

Tue 18th December 2018
Paul Thomas New Novel

Local Beverley based author Paul Thomas has recently published his second novel ‘The Chocolatier’ the Beverley-centric story centres around a chance meeting of two lonely shop owners in the real-life location of the White Rabbit chocolate shop on Dyer Lane. Patrick and Becca must overcome controlling mothers, arranged marriages and first date nerves in their search for happiness.

Paul who moved back to Beverley from Wales in late 2015 says of his latest work “The idea of centring my new book in Beverley came to me when I was chatting with Ed Hawkes the owner of The White Rabbit Chocolate shop last year. Ed was up for the idea and intrigued to read the story of the chance meeting of two individuals in his Chocolate shop. From there I researched into the process of hand-crafting chocolate and the book even goes into detail on this whilst not detracting from what at heart is a tale of two lonely hearts”

Paul’s first novel ‘The Sinking of Bertie A. Hathaway was released in 2017 and has received much acclaim on the review site Amazon. The Chocolatier is available to buy now exclusively on Amazon.

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