Parkway Cinema 'Ourscreen' Initiative on July 29th

Wed 11th July 2018
Postcards Png

 ourscreen is the UK's foremost on-demand cinema platform which revolutionises the way the public interacts with their local cinema and allows the opportunity for crowd-sourcing their own cinema screening. That means you can choose a film to see on the big screen and plan an event just for friends or anyone who wants to come! If enough people book tickets by a cut-off date, then the screening happens. No money is taken from bookings if the minimum number of tickets are not sold and the film isn't screened.

ourscreen is presenting 'Postcards from the 48%' on July 29th at 7pm. It's a documentary film about the 2016 EU referendum from the view of 'the 48%' made by David Wilkinson, who made 'The First Film' (which was shown in Parkway Cinema's Independents' season) which stars Patrick Stewart, Miriam Margoyles, Bob Geldoff, Nick Clegg, Peter Tatchell, Joan Bakewell, Ian McEwan, Bonnie Greer and many more. 

Tickets, which must be booked in advance by July 22nd, are available from

Cliffe Baillie, Manager of Parkway Cinema Beverley said; "We are pleased to be part of the ourscreen initiative which is hosting this crowd-funded film. It gives the opportunity for personalised cinema. ourscreen has new films, old films, sci-fi, biopics, cult films, everything. The ourscreen website gives details of how to get involved!"



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