On your bike with Wilson Wheels

Sun 2nd April 2023
On Your Bike With Wilson Wheels

Make it happen, Spring into action the clocks have gone forward, more light at night and the weather gets a little warmer. The perfect time to get back on the bike after those cold winter months.

Make it happen this Spring, get out your bike or buy a bike and start to explore. We are fortunate in Beverley and the Wolds with great cycle paths, cycle tracks and a beautiful countryside to appreciate and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Make sure your bike is fit for purpose before you head out, drop it in to Wilson Wheels for the professional bike check and service.

Set your goals, time wise or mileage or areas to explore and start feeling great, fitter and healthier who knows where the bike will take you. If you want to save a few pounds and shed a few pounds, use the bike for work, "Win, Win".

As usual at Wilson Wheels the message is protect yourself - Stay Safe, Stay Bright, "Day or Night''. Protect yourself - wear suitable clothing, cycle helmet, jacket, trousers/shorts, shoes and gloves and glasses to guard against falling twigs, flies, bugs and particles which our eyes seem to attract.

Wilson Wheels keeping you safe.

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