Mother's Day

Sun 14th March 2021
Mothers Day Flowers Jpg

14th March 2021 "Mother's Day.

One thing Covid-19 has taught us is to enjoy the little things, for the little moments are so precious. So in the age of social media communication and new life of video calls throughout the pandemic, why not write your mum a letter or leave a special note to add that personal touch to your Mother’s Day wishes? It will be something she cherishes for years to come, and in the
future will make for a reminder of the time we got through that pandemic!

You can also order your mum’s favourite flowers online and have them delivered with chocolates and a note. If you live with your mum, you could also take on chore duties for the day so she can rest and put her feet up, or if you are the mum, you could insist on a chore-less day for yourself and relax.

Make Mother's Day Special, in your own little way.

Just Beverley