Modernising the Coronation Gardens

Fri 31st March 2023
Modernising The Coronation Gardens

Following the success of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee In Beverley last year and the important significance of the Coronation Gardens, moves are now underway to update the gardens as we look forward to the Coronation Of King Charles III.

The Civic Society has had a major role over the years with the improvements of the Coronation Garden in North Bar Within to encourage greater public use of this central open space. Initially to provide a sensory area for the benefit of people with disabilities, using Raised flower beds, selective planting and improved seating areas along with a tranquil water feature.

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in 2013 improvements were made and last year the gardens were pivotal in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, where the lighting Of the Towns Beacon took place inline with celebrations across the country.

The garden is well used by all Age groups and now with the Coronation of King Charles III in May additional alterations / improvements will be carried out to keep up with times.

The Civic Society are Looking forward to being able to permanently fix the Beacon above the water feature and add a Crown in recognition of

King Charles III Coronation, the flame will stay alight throughout his reign.

April Leggup of the Civic Society said, "We like to remember the heritage but also keep an eye on the future. It is hoped that all works will be completed in Less than 4 weeks in time for Celebrations on Saturday 6th May".

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