Meet the East Riding’s new gritters!

Tue 17th October 2023
Meet The East Riding S New Gritters

Elvis Spreadley, Meltem John, Double Snow Seven, Snowy Tribbiani and Sleeter Levy have joined the East Riding’s gritter gang. 

The five new gritters were rolled out today (Friday 13 October) and now join East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s fleet of lorries in keeping the area’s roads safer in winter by clearing snow and preventing ice from forming. 

Their new names were chosen from dozens of suggestions made by members of the public throughout the year on social media. 

Nine-year-old Cory Small of Driffield chose the name Snowy Tribbiani – after the character Joey Tribbiani from the hugely popular 90s comedy Friends – at this year’s Driffield Show. 

The new lorries were launched at an event in Beverley. 

They have now joined the rest of the fleet, making 21 lorries in total: 

  • Sprinkles 
  • David Plowie 
  • Gritney Houston 
  • Gritney Spears 
  • Spreaddie Mercury 
  • Maureen Gritman 
  • Nicole Saltslinger 
  • Basil Salty 
  • Roger Spreaderer 
  • William Wilberfrost 
  • Gritty Gritty Bang Bang 
  • Thaw Enforcement 
  • Spreaddie Flintoff
  • Freezy Rider
  • Er Ner Sner
  • Snowbe-Gone Kenobi 

The names were first launched in 2018, with Snowbe-Gone Kenobi joining the gang last year. 

Councillor Paul West, the council’s cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “I want to say a big thank you to all residents who suggested names and especially those who came up with the chosen five, they are genius. 

“It’s all a bit of fun but it makes our gritters more visible. I really hope people will spot the gritters out on the roads and smile and wave at our drivers. 

“The whole winter team does a massively important job each year, many of them working evenings and nights, to make sure our roads are clear and safe.” 

The gritters operate during the colder months, between October and April, out of the council’s depots across the East Riding, including sites at Beverley, Carnaby, Hedon and Market Weighton. 

The council has a team of over 60 gritter drivers, working on a shift system, being called out when they are needed. 

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