Locals Protest against Network Rail's closure of the England Springs crossing

Mon 6th February 2023
Railway Crossing Closure 17 Medium Jpg

On Saturday 4th February at 9.30am Graham Stuart MP held a public meeting / protest against the recently closed crossing of the popular England Springs pedestrian railway crossing between Beverley and Woodmansey.

Hundreds of people attended the meeting to show the community’s support for keeping the crossing open.

If you are opposed to the closure of the pedestrian crossing, which was announced without notice. Residents can complete the survey for themselves at https://www.grahamstuart.com/EnglandSprings.

Graham, along with Minster and Woodmansey Councillor Kerri Harrold, have had a meeting with Network Rail representatives to push this important issue. A follow up meeting will be arranged, where it is hoped that additional amendments can be made to the crossing. 

Network Rail claims that the closure is due to increased safety concerns, based on a fatality in October 2022 and a near miss In November.

Graham Mentioned "One of the suggestion was to put a traffic light system in place at the crossing which would mitigate risk while retaining public access".

Sue Crowther, of the Open England Springs community group, said, “The meeting was very important for residents and walkers etc.it showed how passionate people are about getting this crossing open"..

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