Lewis Northen Funeral Directors Holding Annual Christmas Memorial Service

Fri 5th November 2021
Memorial Service

Lewis Northen Funeral Directors will be holding the Annual Christmas Memorial Service on Wednesday 15th December 2021, at 6.30pm at Beverley Minster.

The Memorial Service will be an uplifting service to commemorate the lives of those who have passed away during recent times. The service will cover both religious and non-religious aspects, which is hoped to provide some comfort during the festive period as we mourn the loss of loved ones no longer with us.

There will be some Christmas carols to sing, special moments of reflection, and also light candles in memory of loved ones who are in Heaven.

All are welcome to attend, make sure to give Lewis Northen Funeral Directors a call or a message to let them know you wish to attend the memorial service so they have an idea of numbers.

There will also be a Christmas tree in the Minster from the annual Christmas tree festival where you can write a message to a loved one and place on the tree in their memory.

The Christmas tree festival will be held on Friday 3rd December - Sunday 12th December at Beverley Minster. You can visit the tree and leave a message to a loved on the tags provided.

For your safety, hand sanitiser will be available throughout the building. The wearing of face coverings is left up to individuals.
Following the service, complimentary refreshments will be available, and everyone is welcome to stay.

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