Lenny decorated a Christmas Tree. Can you find it at the Beverley Minster?

Thu 7th December 2023
Lenny Decorated A Christmas Tree Can You Find It At The Beverley Minster

Lenny has been a busy boy, he recently reached his target to get £16k for his new electric wheelchair. Lenny sends a big "THANK YOU" to everyone.

Lenny has a condition, "Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy" DMD, a life-limiting condition, which will cause his muscles to degenerate and stop functioning. There is currently no cure for this condition.

Lenny will need an electric wheelchair in the near future, and to raise funds he has completed:

• A sponsored trike ride around Roundhay Park

• A sponsored walk in the Peak District - he walked and his mum carried him a short distance.

• A sponsored swim (1 week after he learnt how to swim)

• A cinema event, where we watched Super Mario and the cinema who also did a bake sale for Lenny. His photos were on the big screens like a cinema poster

• A santa walk/push

• A couple of his friends walked the three peaks in a day along with:

• Raffles

• Auctions of watches - Joe Green played a huge part in this @joeycool on Instagram

• Donations

• Bake sales

Lenny and his friends fulfilled another ambition to decorate a Christmas Tree at the Beverley

Christmas Tree Festival, can you find his tree?

When you do, don't forget to vote for it!

The Christmas Tree Festival is a dazzling celebration of creativity and festive spirit, where communities come together to adorn trees in a myriad of enchanting decorations.

Each tree becomes a unique masterpiece from traditional ornaments to innovative handmade crafts, and Lenny's has been decorated in the DMD colours.

Families, schools, and businesses enthusiastically participate, turning the event into a visual feast

that captivates visitors. The festival not only spreads joy but also fosters a sense of community, as people share their artistic expressions, creating a magical atmosphere that marks the beginning of the festive season.

See if you can spot Lenny's tree... if you have a moment to learn more about Lenny and DMD,

think about the effort he has put into decorating a Christmas tree for your pleasure and delight.

You can help Lenny fulfil more goals as he continues on his journey.

Lenny's IG handle: @lifeandhope4lenny

Vote for Lenny's Tree "84"

Lenny's message: "Merry Christmas"

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