Has anyone seen 'Old Stinker' recently?

Thu 14th February 2019

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Barmston Drain Webp

2 years ago, there were sightings of an 8-foot tall wolf/werewolf along Barmston Drain. Reports said the beast was half-man, half-wolf, like the creature in 'American Werewolf in London'. There was another sighting in Halsham. Seemingly, locals armed themselves with burning torches, pitchforks and cameras and went hunting during the full moon, but no-one saw the monster or got any pictures,

Folklore experts were fairly certain the creature was Old Stinker. Named for his foul breath, this huge red-eyed werewolf roams the Yorkshire Wolds, an area north of the Barmston Drain. There are other tales of ghosts, zombies and other paranormal activity in the area. 

Local writer, Ian Jarvis's latest novel, 'Judgement Clay' is partly set in Beverley and features the Barmston Drain werewolf mystery. It is the third in the series of mysteries featuring Bernie Quist, a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Quist operates as a consultant detective from Baker Avenue in York. His assistant is Watson, although this Watson is a streetwise youth from  a housing estate and he's definitely no doctor! The mismatched duo take on bizarre cases which invariably lead into the realms of the supernatural.

It's published by MX Publishing in May but they are currently running a 'kickstarter' project where you can get the book a month early at a lower price. You can also get the first two books 'Cat Flap' and 'Music of Sound' at a lower cost, signed copies and get the chance to appear as a character in the fourth story. 


You can find out more about Ian on his website  www.ianjarviswriter.com or on his Facebook page.

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