Hansa England Cultural Route is Open

Mon 11th September 2023
Hansa England Cultural Route

The launch of the Hansa England cultural route on Sunday 10th September marks a significant milestone in celebrating the rich historical and cultural ties between England and the Hanseatic League, a medieval trading network that linked Northern European cities.

This initiative invites travellers whether that be via Bike, Train, Motorcycle Coach or Car to embark on a captivating journey through time, tracing the footsteps of traders, merchants, and diplomats who once navigated the bustling ports and marketplaces of Hansa towns along England's coastline.

The route encompasses iconic destinations from Beverley through Hull, Lincoln, Boston, Kings Lynn, Walsingham, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich and onto Felixstowe, where visitors can explore well-preserved architecture, museums, and immersive exhibits, bringing to life the stories of commerce and cultural exchange. It's a unique opportunity to delve into the shared heritage of these regions, fostering a deeper understanding of England's pivotal role in European trade during the Middle Ages.

As travellers traverse the Hansa England cultural route, they'll be immersed in a world of historical significance, where maritime trade and cultural exchange shaped the fabric of both England and the Hanseatic League. This initiative promises to be a captivating journey of discovery, connecting modern-day adventurers with a vibrant tapestry of history,

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