Graham Stuart MP Announces Winners of Beverley and Holderness’s Favourite Independent Shops

Wed 20th December 2023
Graham Stuart Mp Announces Winners Of Beverley And Holderness S Favourite Independent Shops

Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, has today announced the winners of Beverley and Holderness’s Favourite Independent Shop Awards following four weeks of nominations and voting.

The winners and runners-up are as follows:

Category Winner Runner Up

Beverley Grace Eva Cakes Missy of Beverley

Hedon Dinky Pinkies Made It Studio

Hornsea The Town House Botany Boutique

Withernsea Bella Moda The Hair Lounge

Other Villages Melbourne, Roos Cakey Bakey Yum Yum, Patrington

Clothes Missy of Beverley Bella Moda

Food and Drink Melbourne, Roos Grace Eva Cakes

Florist and Garden Botany Boutique Sandhill Garden Centre

Card and Gift The Town House Precious Print

Hairdresser The Hair Lounge De Lacy

Other Dinky Pinkies The Post Office, Tickton

More than sixty shops were nominated by over four hundred residents of Beverley and Holderness and Graham has been delighted to read the nomination statements which show just how vibrant high streets in Beverley and Holderness are.

Graham was eager to start these awards to give shops a boost in advance of Christmas.

Locally owned businesses are important to the economy. Money generated by these independent shops stays in the community, provides local employment and adds to the vibrancy and beauty of our area.

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart said: “If these awards show anything, it’s that we have the most incredibly vibrant high streets in Beverley, Hedon, Hornsea, Withernsea and beyond. We are lucky to have so many independent shops selling beautiful, unusual and high-quality goods. They help to make Beverley and Holderness a fabulous shopping and recreational destination.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and pride people have displayed for our local shops of every type.

“Independent shops like Grace Eva, Melbourne, Dinky Pinkies, Bella Moda, and The Town House are major reasons why people love to live in Beverley and Holderness: the best part of the country.”

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