Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, has launched a campaign to Make Our Roads Safer.

Mon 25th March 2024
Graham Stuart Member Of Parliament For Beverley And Holderness Has Launched A Campaign To Make Our Roads Safer

Graham has launched the cross-party campaign following discussions with campaigners and parish council clerks who are clear that something must be done to improve road safety in Beverley and Holderness. 

Graham has met with campaigners in Cherry Burton, Lund and Middleton-on-the-Wolds to hear their concerns and now is asking all communities to come together to make the case that something must be done. 

Make Our Roads Safer is a campaign which seeks to empower local communities to show local support for schemes such as traffic calming measures, changing speed limits and installing flashing speed signs. 

Graham is working with ward councillors from across Beverley and Holderness to encourage local campaigns and to help them to take action. 

The campaign is to be made up of numerous initiatives in towns and villages across Beverley and Holderness, with a local champion appointed to gather evidence of local support for a scheme which local people consider could make a difference. 

This is aided by the recent announcement that the Government is giving East Riding Council £168 million over the next seven years to improve transport in the area. 

Graham wants to see part of this money ringfenced for parish and town councils to make a meaningful impact on road safety. 

Residents can make their views known, and sign up to join the campaign, at 

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart said: “In villages across Beverley and Holderness, we need action to make our roads safer. 

“That’s why I launched the Make Our Roads Safer campaign – a hub where individuals can make a real and lasting impact on making it safer to live in communities everywhere in Beverley and Holderness. 

“I’ve been struck on visits to Middleton, Cherry Burton, Woodmansey and Lund how much of an issue road safety is, which is borne out by discussions with parish councils across Beverley and Holderness. 

“So if you have ideas to improve road safety in your community, join the campaign and make a difference to life in your area.” 

Photos of Graham with campaigners at Cherry Burton, Lund (with PCC Jonathan Evison, Cllr Jeremy Wilcock and Cllr Diana Stewart) and Middleton (with Cllr Jeremy Wilcock and Cllr Diana Stewart). 

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