Give your support - and your bra - for charity

Fri 1st June 2018
L R Theresa Bray Jayne Beck Mary Smith

Hull and East Riding Breast Friends is a charity run entirely by volunteers who themselves have been affected by breast cancer.

To support this, Millers Day Service in Beverley has organised an event to help the charity by collecting a target of 500 unwanted bras – which will be donated to Hull and East Riding Breast Friends to help people suffering from breast cancer.

Of the bras collected, some are given to local breast cancer patients with many of them often being adapted for their individual use, whilst the others are sent to Third World countries and given to ladies who need them.

The collection will run throughout the whole of June and people wishing to donate their unwanted bras can visit the day service during this time.

For more information about the charity visit


Picture caption: (L-R) - Theresa Bray, support worker at Millers, Jayne Beck, from Hull at East Riding Breast Friends charity and Mary Smith, day services officer at Millers.

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