Fresh & Fruity delivering the goods.

Thu 19th March 2020
Fresh And Fruity 1

Fresh & Fruity, are doing life-line deliveries in the area of essentials, mainly fruit and vegetables.

Tracey Hartley is staying open, as well as offering these deliveries to those who need them most, Tracey is setting the standards for others to rise to during these difficult times.

White Rabbit on Dyer Lane are also adding White Rabbit Chocolate to the deliveries and those who need a pick-me-up during these times!

Tracey has organised a crack team of volunteers (and is looking for more!), and they are using sanitary methods (disposable gloves, etc). to ensure everything is delivered in a safe way, taking as many precautions as possible.

People can call 01482 887141 to organise order and delivery.


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