Festive season at Brook Taverner

Sun 27th December 2020
Brrook Taverner

The festive has arrived at Number 35, Toll Gavel and quite frankly, it couldn’t have come soon enough! With what can only be described as a topsy turvey year set to come to an end our shop is decorated in true Christmas style we’ve certainly had enough time to prepare accordingly!

At Christmas time we have offerings which are stylish to wear in those joyful days spent on a countryside walk between Boxing Day and into the New Year, you’re certain to find something for everyone at Brook Taverner.

This year, we have created a range that has not only the festive period in mind, but also works as a staple piece throughout the colder months.

The Whistler Crimson Fairisle Jumper is the complete knit that can do it all, working just as well as Christmas attire as it does for a trip to the local drinking hole come the new year (restrictions permitting).

The Gatley roll neck is perfect for colder occasions, designed as the perfect form under roomy outerwear or being a style piece in its own right in front of the fire or carving the turkey on Christmas day, and our slipover knits are the ideal
way to smarten up a casual look.

With so much time spent inside in recent times, you may be forgiven for taking a slightly longer walk or three this year - especially with the favourable dates which Christmas falls. For this, our best-selling cord collection will fit the bill perfectly in regards to warmth, durability, and most importantly, style. Pair with our feature duffle coat to complete the outfit.

Of course, for many this looks set to be (at the time of writing) an opportunity to see loved ones in the comforts of our own homes for several months thanks to the lift temporary lift of government restrictions. Therefore, it may be that this year a cosy affair in front of the fire is in order with the odd game of chess or backgammon and thus reducing the need for knits and jackets - especially if games become as heated as they do in our households. Luckily, our shirts fit the bill perfectly.

Designed to last the test of time with hundreds of styles, fits, prints and sizes - we’re confident that a single trip in store will do the trick. Can’t pick just one? Our 4 for £100 offer on shirts is here to stay all year-round!

With an array of show-stopping Hollywood handshake worthy jackets available in store, we really have made it possible to dress properly this Christmas - no matter the situation. To complete our offerings, you’ll find a host of appropriate look-finishing accessories to top any outfit.

From belts to cufflinks, ties to holdalls, all the way to the famous sock - at Brook Taverner we have everything, so you can enjoy looking and feeling great over the festive period. 

Just Beverley