Councillor Tom Astell Elected Mayor of Beverley 2023-2024

Fri 19th May 2023
Councillor Tom Astell Elected Mayor Of Beverley 2023 2024

Councillor Tom Astell Elected Mayor of Beverley 2023-2024

Outgoing Mayor Councillor Linda Johnson thanks former Councillors for their service

At the first meeting of Beverley Town Council since the local elections earlier in May, Councillor Tom Astell has been elected Mayor of Beverley for the 2023-2024 Municipal Year. This includes the dual role of being Chairman of Beverley Town Council

Having previously held the post in 2020-2021, the vast majority of Councillor Astell’s previous civic duties were cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic.

He explained: “Being Mayor during the Pandemic meant that not only were all meetings held remotely on Zoom, but also hardly any civic activities could take place. One of the duties of being Mayor is to represent Beverley at events and celebrations in other towns, alongside holding a range of civic occasions in Beverley, such as the annual Civic Dinner and Civic Service, plus a host of other community-based events to raise funds for my chosen charities. With most of this understandably ceasing during my initial year in office, it was not the Mayoral experience I had hoped for. Therefore, I am honoured and delighted to have been selected as Mayor of Beverley for 2023-2024. I have lots of ideas for the coming year and look forward to representing the people of our wonderful town to the very best of my abilities.”

At the Annual Meeting of Beverley Town Council, otherwise known as Mayor Making, held on Monday 15th May 2023 at Beverley Guildhall, Councillor Astell was nominated for the position of Mayor by Councillor Alison Healy and seconded by Councillor Bob Morgan, with the proposal being unanimously supported. Councillor Astell announced that his Mayoress for the year will be his good friend Abbey Lister.

Councillor David Boynton was elected as Deputy Mayor.

The outgoing Mayor, Councillor Linda Johnson, reflected on her two years in office as the first woman to be Mayor of Beverley for two consecutive years. She commented that the past 12 months had been especially remarkable, as during her time in office she had marked Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee, the sad death of Her Majesty, the Proclamation of King Charles III and his subsequent Coronation celebration. The outgoing Mayor also spoke of other highlights, including the planting of 1,200 trees in and around Beverley to mark the 1,200th anniversary of the death of our town’s founder, Saint John of Beverley.

As she departed from her role she thanked her husband, Councillor Graham Johnson, who has acted as her Consort, her fellow Councillors for their support, her Chaplin Reverend Fran Rhys and the three Town Council Officers and Macebearer for their hard work and dedication to the Town Council. Councillor Johnson announced that over the past year, she had raised £1,538.30 for Guide Dogs and £400.29 for the Open Doors Project. In addition, £150 was donated to SSAFA last December in lieu of sending out civic Christmas cards

As part of his address to the meeting, the newly elected Mayor Councillor Astell thanked former members who had chosen not to stand for re-election, but decided instead to step down at the end of their term of office. He presented commemorative town crests to former councillors David Tucker, Chloe Hopkins and Ian Gow, and thanked Ann Willis and Duncan Jack in their absence.

In particular, Councillor Astell noted that Mr Jack was first elected to the Town Council in 1999 when its current incarnation was established and had been the longest serving member until his recent retirement form post. He commented on the amazing service he had given the Beverley community over the past 23 year.

This being the first Council meeting since the local election, there were new and returning faces around the meeting table. 

Newly-elected Town Councillors Bob Morgan, John Rebecchi, Adrian Ramsdale, Eliza Whitaker, Pedro Regina and Cheryl Giles. Those who have been re-elected are Peter Astell, Graham Johnson, Tom Astell, Alison Healy, David Horsley, Linda Johnson, David Boynton and Denis Healy.

In his role as the new Mayor, Councillor Astell welcomed them all and promised residents both he and they would work hard to do their very best for the town and people of Beverley.  

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