Commercial Artist Emma injects life into local structure

Thu 11th April 2024
Commercial Artist Emma Injects Life Into Local Structure

Local commercial artist Emma Garness enjoys nothing more than injecting life into and transforming urban landscapes.

This project has been developed in partnership with Emma Garness, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Safer Communities team and Community VISION CIO. The work has been funded by the East Riding Community Safety Partnership using funds from Jonathan Evison, the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner.

Emma commented, "Having received the commission to do the work, it was important to get the views of the local community, connect with local people who live in the area, talk to people who use the Beckside, and understand the visual aspects of the Beck. Through conversations with Wildside of the Beck local photography group, I was able to build up a picture through many sketches and notes. It has been a blessing to be able to work on such a large area providing plenty of height to allow the expression of the community to come out without compressing the ideas".

Emma went on to say, "When transforming structures it is important through the artwork to inject life into the urban landscape, to reflect the spirit of a community. It serves as a powerful tool for storytelling, conveying cultural narratives.

"As the commissioned artist working in this unique public space, the finished piece needs to provide a sense of identity and pride among residents and visitors alike. Something I am aware of throughout the whole process".

Emma is halfway into transforming the two structures and already through the picture of the swan majestically rising from the Beck, the flowers and butterflies connecting with passers by has grasped the sensory aspect that the Beckside provides for everyone.

Ultimately, Emma has captured the community connection and enriched the human experience in the environment. Emma's art transcends mere decoration, and will be a lasting testament to the vitality and diversity of the Beckside community

Just Beverley