Mon 4th November 2019

Friday evening, November 22nd from 6.30pm. Meet Fabian Perez at Trent Galleries.

The nights may well be drawing in as that Autumn chill hits the air, but as we head towards the final months of 2019, our excitement for Beverley's final Artist Event of the year certainly does not dampen! Bringing Latin flair, passionate storytelling, and paintwork of unrivalled light and shade; Fabian Perez joins us as part of his Autumn UK Tour.

Trent Galleries Beverley has played host to three events this year, prior to Fabian... and all of them have allowed clients to explore work of great talent and varying subject matter, alongside getting to meet the artist behind the canvas.

Whether that be Doug Hyde's sentimental pastels of family life & love; Anna Gammans' vibrant 'exploding skies' and seascapes; and recently, Kris Hardy's creative reincarnations of classic cars, buildings and movie-icons.

To complete our year of events, we end with the privilege of welcoming the world-renowned Argentinian Master of the canvas to Beverley for his first visit to Trent Galleries, over from his California Family-home...

Intrigued? Well, let us whet your appetite a little!

If you haven't yet taken a look at a Fabian Perez artwork, his eloquence with telling a story is arguable his biggest strength.

He portrays his characters mid-conversation, or alone at the bar waiting for someone. He drapes his subjects in cinematic lighting, with light and shadow bringing depth and intrigue to his scenes. He portrays the beauty of a lone woman or the strong gaze of a brooding male using that same intention - he is always asking the viewer questions;

What are they thinking? Who are they waiting for? What is their story? Once you have explored Fabian's work, this will all make sense.

Fabian's work has layers, and underneath the artistry of the paintwork or charcoal, there is always a passionate meaning or indeed a conversation to be had.

At present, Fabian is enjoying unparalleled success with all of this work, both original and published.

He is a multi-award winning, world-renowned talent, who more recently has continued to paint a series of Modern-Icons of our time such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pep Guardiola, Evander Holyfield, as well as painting a family portrait of the Argentinian President’s family.

As one of the foremost figurative artists of our time, Fabian has become an exceptional global entity.

Trent Galleries are simply thrilled to be hosting an artist of such renown, and we want to share the date far and wide, and ensure that he is given a wonderful Yorkshire welcome when he joins us on the Friday evening, November 22nd from 6.30pm.

Trent Galleries will again be supported by local business Roberts & Speight, as they will be providing the wine for the evening - which will be a lovely Winter treat, in addition to the wonderous artwork and festivities.

The question is; are you going to join in on the occasion? It is not to be missed!

Contact the gallery today to RSVP and be added onto the Gallery Guestlist.

Just Beverley