Fri 12th June 2020
Classic Cars With Carfan Auto Carriers

The subject of this month's issue is a rather special Aston Martin Vanquish S and was probably the cheapest Aston Martin ever obtained because it could only find its first owner as it was the object of a raffle.

An Aston Martin dealer commissioned just ten versions of what they called the Red Arrows edition, with nine being available for purchase at a cool quarter of a million pounds apiece and  the final example being the raffle prize at £20 per ticket. All the money raised went to the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund and your author must admit to digging deep numerous times in the hope of winning this amazing prize but sadly to no avail. 

The specification of a "normal" Vanquish S is quite amazing, never mind the top speed of 205 m.p.h. but the company used its "Q" division to truly personalise it with over 40 unique additions. These were all R.A.F. related and some of the most interesting ones were the interior door pulls having "Emergency exit" embroidered on them, an ejection seat detonator cord shape lacquered into the carbon fibre roof panel and two racing suits, one in red for the driver and one in blue for the passenger to match the colours of the corresponding Red Arrows pilot and engineer.

In the unlikely event that one of these would ever come up for sale, expect to pay in the region of £340,000 as that was the asking price for one just over a year ago. Carfan was lucky enough to sit in the winning car at Englefield House Aston Martin concourse d'elegance and can attest that it is loud, very loud. Shy wallflowers need not apply.

So don't forget, if you hear this Aston approaching, and you WILL hear it, don't forget that cheery Carfan wave!

Just Beverley