Circus Montini is coming to East Yorkshire

Mon 20th February 2023
Circus Montini

Circus promoter Tony Hopkins, celebrates 40 years of promoting his own Circus shows, by bringing his 2023 production of  “Circus Montini ” to you.

Since the start of his career in 1983 – Yorkshire man Tony Hopkins has promoted and toured family favourites such as Chipperfields Circus, Gerry Cottle's Circus, the Netherlands National Circus, Billy Smarts Circus, Circus Fiesta. All of which always leave behind a good name for the quality of performance, and now touring in 2023 Circus Montini . 

A deliberately down-sized show has been created to be able to take the show to places that do not often see a circus but without reducing the quality or quantity of the acts or production.  Circus Montini  brings spectacular entertainment to towns and cities all over the country, It follows in the wheel tracks of those great circuses of the past and is returning to the ethos of taking a family show to the people, creating a memorable experience on their doorstep. 

Once again Tony has assembled a very strong programme for the 2023 production of Circus Montini .

The show is made up of a fantastic array of really top artistes including a stunning unicyclist from Argentina, jugglers and some brilliant break-dancers from Hungary, Antipodiste artistes from Ethiopia, the amazing contortionist Stefany Narballes (a huge star in Cuba.)  Circus Montini  very full, fast-moving programme and, of course, includes clowns such as Petro Horodytskyi who has joined the show from Ukraine.” 

Paying a kind of tribute to those early showmen who made circus a social favourite. Circus Montini may just have succeeded with a blend of high British standards of presentation and with the excitement of international performance.”

What else would you expect from a Magnificent Showman from Yorkshire?

Circus Montini
Driffield Showground
16th March to 19th March 2023
FRI - 4.45PM & 7PM
SAT -3PM & 6PM
SUN - 12.30PM & 3PM

Beverley, Westwood
22nd March to 26th March 2023
SAT - 2PM, 4PM & 6.30PM
SUN - 12.30PM & 3PM


TICKET & INFO LINE 0844 4155 228

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