Christmas Message from the chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Fri 15th December 2023
Christmas Message

Christmas is a very special time for us all. It is a time to reflect on the passing of another year and to look forward to the New Year that awaits us.

Christmas is about celebrating a message of hope for a brighter future.

Irrespective of our individual circumstances, backgrounds, or beliefs; this is the season to care for one another and to embrace the spirit of togetherness, which unites us all.

This year has continued to be challenging for our residents affected by the cost-of-living crisis, when so many people, especially the most vulnerable in our society, need help, support and advice.

It is at times like these when we remember the importance of family, community, time spent together and the role of communal celebrations.

Of every faith or none, Christmas is a time to step back, take a breath and recharge with those closest to us, whilst appreciating that we are not all so lucky, and doing what we can to help.

It is said that Christmas is a time of peace and our thoughts are with those in conflict across the world that a peaceful solution can be found. 

Across the East Riding, we have many wonderful people who give their time and effort to bring cheer to those for whom life is particularly difficult or lonely – and not just at Christmas.

Without the fantastic network of our voluntary organisations, life would be so much poorer, and they all deserve our support for their work in the community.

Whilst we celebrate with friends and family, let us also remember with gratitude the dedicated staff in the public and emergency services, hospitals and care homes who will be working throughout the festivities and also to those serving in our armed forces.

Since becoming Chairman, I have been welcomed with much warmth and hospitality to events organised by clubs, societies, charities, schools and businesses and have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people in our East Riding from all walks of life.

I have also witnessed at first hand the amazing work carried out by our Council staff, who very often work beyond what is required of them to make a difference in our East Riding.

It is not an easy role, particularly in the straitened circumstances we all find ourselves in and I feel that we must all recognise and applaud their exceptional work.

As family and friends come together and look forward to the New Year, we should find ways of strengthening our own communities for whatever may lie ahead and build on the foundations of success we’ve already achieved.

I would like to wish you a future that will be happy, successful and above all peaceful. I would also like to send a special thank you to all those people who have to work over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Councillor John Whittle

Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Just Beverley