Christmas and New Year message from the Chairman of the East Riding of Yorkshire council

Wed 23rd December 2020
Pat Smith

Christmas, whilst being a time of great joy for many, can also be a time of great sadness and hardship for others;
particularly those who are lonely or have recently lost family members or close friends.

We ask you to think about those who are unwell, the elderly and the vulnerable and be a good neighbour in this season of

For some, this year Christmas may be especially difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, I have been deeply moved by how people have come together to help one another and their local communities, showing great generosity and goodwill.

It never fails to amaze me how resilient people are and how they can carry on even when life is made so difficult. I would
like to give praise to all frontline workers who have continued to work under very difficult circumstances and my thanks and
gratitude to all our health professionals and care workers for looking after us in times of ill health and stress.

Thank you also to council staff who have continued to work tirelessly, whether in their normal roles or in a supportive role in order to keep business going, as well as residents and businesses for helping us to stay as safe as possible in the East Riding.

So, let us take on board the Christmas message of hope and work towards making our lives and our community a better place.

With my very best wishes for the future to you all.

Councillor Pat Smith,
Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Just Beverley