Charity is transforming lives at St Nicholas Primary School

Sat 20th April 2024
Charity Is Transforming Lives At St Nicholas Primary School

The charity Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) has been working with St Nicholas Primary School to support children who are struggling to cope with the school day.

Since 2016, TLG coaches have spent an hour-a-week in the school, each providing traumainformed support to a child, across a whole academic year, as part of TLG’s

Early Intervention programme, supported by Latimer Church. Early Intervention provides support to children who may be facing difficulties or trauma in their lives or who are experiencing emotional challenges. With the growing mental health crisis this support is critical for so many children.

Headteacher Terri Turton says: "We absolutely love having the TLG coaches as part of our school community. Their impact has been huge on the individual pupils and their families. We pride ourselves on the nurturing environment that we have here at Beverley St Nicholas Primary School and have a strong focus on the emotional wellbeing of pupils. It is unheard of for schools to be able to provide children with an hour of 1:1 coaching support of such high quality with school budgets being stretched and so we value their contribution enormously."

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