Celebrating National Marine Week with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Wed 29th July 2020
Celebrating National Marine Week With Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

We're celebrating all things marine between 25th July and 9th August so let's dive into National Marine Week!

Despite the name, National Marine Week lasts 15 fun-filled days to allow for the variation in tide times around the country.

This year, we're asking you to stand up for our seas, reflect on what the sea means to you and discover the fascinating, colourful world of rockpools!

And of course, if you are inspired to visit Yorkshire's amazing coastline this summer, remember to stay safe, stay alert and stay wild!

Help our seas recover

Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) would offer the strictest possible protections for the marine environment, giving nature the best chance of recovery.

Add your voice here today.

Helping people discover the sea

Emma reflects on volunteering at the Living Seas Centre: "I can’t begin to tell you what joy volunteering has brought me: seeing people with tears in their eyes viewing their first ever puffin; watching inner-city children amazed at the wildlife in rockpools; enthusing newcomers to the Yorkshire coast of the incredible diversity of wildlife and scenery we have."

Escape, exhilaration, excitement... What does the sea mean to you?

Shoreline spotting

If you visit our beautiful Yorkshire coast this summer, keep an eye out for marine wildlife along the shore and in the sea! 

We're particularly interested to know if you saw any whales or dolphins (cetaceans) - you can record your sightings on the Sea Watch Foundation website.

Our shoreline spotting sheet is also great for identifying wildlife on the beach!

Coronavirus update

We're excited to welcome you back to Potteric Carr visitor centre and Spurn Discovery Centre! The Living Seas Centre remains closed for 2020. Our latest updates can be found on our website.

Find out more about safely visiting our nature reserves and visitor centres here.

Love and look after it

We're asking everyone to love and look after the wildlife on our nature reserves, our beaches and in our oceans.

If you visit this summer, make sure to take all your litter home, keep to easily accessible areas and avoid fires or BBQs.

Just Beverley