Sat 11th May 2019
Trent Gallery 1

Quirk and colour, alongside themes of family & love are abundant within Trent Galleries this Spring time. After another hugely successful Doug Hyde visit on March 28th, we look forward to welcoming new collections from numerous artists on our portfolio of national and international artists.

You may have seen in recent newspaper articles or TV spots that internationally-renowned, Middlesborough-born Mackenzie Thorpe is this year’s Artist of the Tour de Yorkshire. Having met Mackenzie in early April, his pride in representing the famous bike race, and indeed Yorkshire and its landscape, is enormous.

“The Boro’ is practically Yorkshire anyway” he beamed, when unveiling his wonderful new collection to Gallery representatives in Leeds. 

As well as having this great responsibility in conveying the pride of Yorkshire in pastel, Mackenzie is also celebrating 30 years as a professional artist - which ever since being a boy, has been his driving passion, and very much his dream... He simply loves to draw!

Often compared to L.S. Lowry due to his workingclass upbringing, simplicity of work and his passion and pride in where he is from, Mackenzie always reiterates that family is everything. “Love is all.” He said. “On a canvas, I don’t worry about details of eyelashes or grass, because to me, those things don’t matter!” What Mackenzie does depict in his pictures is indeed love, and more crucially, a message and story with which people can make a personal connection to.

There is so much to discuss when it comes to Mackenzie Thorpe’s artworks, and to mark his 30th Anniversary, and of course the upcoming Tour de Yorkshire, Trent Galleries will host an exhibition of his latest works. Having had a sneak peak of these as I type this article, I can say that as a Yorkshireman, the artworks will certainly capture the hearts of his followers and should certainly gain him new appreciation.

Alongside Mackenzie’s new release, Trent Galleries are looking to May and June and getting prepared for two more artist events - it’s all go, I tell you! Dorset-based artist Rebecca Lardner will be joining our team in Newark for a showcase of her charming coastal scenes and glorious sculptures. In the build up to this occasion (Saturday 11th May), Trent Galleries
Beverley will be showcasing her works, in time for clients to secure pieces to get personally dedicated at the event - making
for gorgeous Springtime gifts and additions to the home. And then, before we know it, June 1st will be upon us in Beverley, and we host our second event of the year in the company of upcoming contemporary artist Anna Gammans (as advertised

Lots of dates for the diary there, but Team Trent encourage you all into the Gallery over the coming weeks to explore the works first hand, and discover wonderful works of colour and emotion. What better way of seeing in the Spring-Summer
seasons than immersing yourselves in a canvas or two?!!

Just Beverley